Vision & Values

At Allerton High, our core purpose is ‘enabling young people to achieve success.’ We want all students to achieve the best they can, become independent learners and acquire the skills and qualities they will need to be successful in an ever-changing world. We want them to feel valued and to be happy and confident. We work in close partnership with our community, parents/carers and governors to achieve this ideal and to deliver what we consider to be a first class education.

We value: hard work, kindness, perseverance, aspiration, service to others, courtesy, honesty and tolerance. As such, we ask all members of our community to: Be Kind, Work Hard, Challenge Yourself.

We are:

  • inclusive as we do not select our intake and work equally hard for all our students
  • ambitious because we always want the best for everyone in our community
  • collaborative as we recognise that our partners make us stronger.

We enable young people to achieve success by:

  • having high expectations of everyone
  • establishing a culture where everyone matters
  • ensuring teaching and learning is high quality, varied and engaging
  • developing individual talent and potential
  • providing opportunities for all students to develop their ICT, numeracy, literacy and communication skills
  • developing key skills for learning; teamwork, independence, exploration and reflection
  • promoting the importance of strong emotional health and wellbeing
  • recognising and celebrating success
  • nurturing a feeling of pride in the school
  • developing enterprise capabilities and preparing students for the world of work
  • ensuring that the teaching and learning environment is welcoming and safe


We aim to develop Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural awareness and promote British Values by:

  • ensuring lessons are set in a context which is meaningful and appropriate to a student’s age, ability and background
  • providing varied and meaningful personal development activities which allow students to reflect upon and discuss their beliefs, feelings and responses to their personal experiences
  • helping students to develop an understanding of their individual and group identities by becoming good citizens in a local, national and international context
  • ensuring students develop an understanding of their social and cultural environment, especially an appreciation of the many faiths and cultures which enrich our school
  • encouraging students to manage their own behaviour and relationships, show mutual respect and understand the importance of honesty and truth in all walks of life
  • encouraging students to lead a healthy lifestyle
Allerton High School
King Lane, Leeds
West Yorkshire LS17 7AG
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