KS3 Music


Music for years 7 to 9 is delivered as one lesson per week for one hour. Students will engage with music both practically and theoretically, developing a range of musical skills, knowledge and techniques that will prepare them for GCSE Music and beyond and will also develop valuable skills to support them in other curriculum areas. Students are taught practical performance and composition skills, music theory and listening and analysis of music of various composers and styles.


Year 7 introduces students to the key devices and processes used in music making and creating, encouraging students to think outside the box and develop an understanding of music from different periods and cultures worldwide. We do this through looking at whole class singing, instruments of the orchestra and introducing Mixcraft music sequencing software through rhythm and pitch tasks and form/structure.


Year 8 builds on the knowledge and skills formed in year 7, and introduces music from great composers of classical music such as Mozart and Beethoven. Students develop understanding of structure and melody writing, analysis of chords, rhythm and tempo and also explore the cultural emergence of Hip Hop & Rap with its origins in Jazz. Students continue to develop ensemble skills, learning how to work with one another and developing social skills.


Year 9 builds on analysis skills during listening-based tasks, and looks more closely at developing the processes for successful music making, including composition of film music and the use of music technology in film, as well as deepening the understanding of Hip Hop and Popular Music Styles, through the key areas of performance, composition and listening/understanding.

Homework and learning outside of the classroom



Currently, we are able offer tuition in the following areas: all woodwind instruments, piano/keyboard, drumkit, guitar/bass guitar, strings, brass and voice. Specialist tutors visit school every week where as well as playing for fun, they will prepare students for performances and exams.


Current extra-curricular activities are as follows:

  • Key Stage 3 Band (Tuesday, 3-4pm)
  • Music theory drop-in (Tuesday 3-4pm)
  • Show Band (commencing Wednesday 21 February, 3-4pm)
  • AHS Singers (Thursday, 3-4pm)

There is also the opportunity to be involved in a whole school production, alternating as follows:

  • Year 1: Year 7/8/9 Musical Production
  • Year 2: Year 9/10/11/12/13 Music Production

The department is open most breaks, lunchtimes and after school for students to make use of the facilities.

KS4 Music

KS5 Music

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