KS3 Drama



‘It is only in an atmosphere of mutual respect that talents can thrive’


Drama supports and encourages personal expression and the exploration of a wide range of cultures, experiences, perspectives, and the world in which we live. Drama allows pupils to develop transferable skills in leadership, communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.


In Year 7 Drama, students are introduced to a wide range of drama techniques and conventions through the practical study of a variety of schemes of work. We place an emphasis on group cohesion and allow the individual to express themselves through practical work.  We have a policy that all students work in a variety of group sizes and social mix throughout Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9). Schemes of work:

1. Theatre History (with Key Drama Skills)

2. Segregation and the Civil Rights Movement

3. Storytelling with Roald Dahl

4. 'Connected' - an exploration of our relationship with technology. 


In Year 8 Drama, students are introduced to further advanced drama techniques such as abstract drama.  Students are also challenged to develop their role work and their devising through the use of sound, lights, staging and props. We continue to place an emphasis on group cohesion and allow the individual to express themselves through practical work. Schemes of work:

1. Theatre Design (Set and Props, Lighting, Sound, Costume, Hair and Makeup)

2. Shakespeare’s Design Problems

3. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (with Physical Theatre)

4. Refugee Boy by Benjamin Zephenia

5. Fallen Heroes (the story of WW1 and Harry Farr)


In Year 9 Drama, students are encouraged to consolidate their learning from Year 7 and 8, by exploring text, devising and live theatre from the point of view of a performer and a designer.  In Year 9 students are encouraged to experiment, explore and challenge themselves through a wide range of genres, skills, techniques and resources. Schemes of work:

1. Abstract Theatre

2. Columbine and Documentary Theatre

3. Live Theatre Review

4. The Exam by Andy Hamilton

Homework and learning beyond the classroom

Junior and Senior School Musical Theatre Production 

LS17 Junior and Senior Production 

Theatre visits and workshops wherever possible.

KS4 Drama

KS5 Drama

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