KS3 Art and Design


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso


In Year 7 Art, students are introduced to a wide range of Art and Design techniques and processes, as well historical/cultural contexts, through varied and enriching schemes of work. Focus is given to traditional drawing, painting and sculpting practices, all of which are explored with a range of different media. We believe every student has the ability to improve their art techniques regardless of their starting points and take pride in their achievements. We provide every student with the opportunity to discover their strengths and grow as potential artists.


Our Year 7 curriculum consists of:

1. Baseline Test (to ascertain students starting level)

2. Pop Art

3. Formal Elements

4. African Masks


In Year 8 Art, students will build and expand on their previous year of learning by exploring topics that will encourage an appreciation of other historical art movements, and expose them to contemporary designers working in the creative industry. Students will have the opportunity to develop their 2D techniques in fine art and advance in their designing ability. They will gain more confidence in using different materials, processes and mixed media practice.


Our Year 8 curriculum consists of:

1. Portraiture – drawing and painting

2. Surrealism

3. Print Making/Climate Change


In Year 9 Art, students will be encouraged to further build on their creative abilities. Cultural knowledge and fine art painting, sculpting with clay and mixed media processes, are utilised to give students a varied diet of historical and contemporary practice, engender curiosity and help them identify their artistic strengths, so that they can make the appropriate choices in pursuing their art education beyond Year 9.


Our Year 9 Curriculum consists of:

1. Day of The Dead

2. Gargoyles

3. Street Art and Identity


Like artists of the past and present, we aspire to instil students with an ability to use their world around them as a means to develop their artistic voices.

How is the course assessed?

Year 7

Baseline Test

Pop Art

Formal Elements

African Masks


Year 8



Print Making/Climate Change


Year 9

Day of the Dead


Street Art Portraits

Homework and learning beyond the classroom

Art Club with Miss Bulleyment Tuesday 2:50-3:50

Visiting Artist in term 1 of year 7

KS4 Art and Design

KS5 Art and Design

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