CTEC Health and Social Care

Introduction – why choose this subject?

This qualification isn’t just about caring for babies or the elderly and the ill; it will provide you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to progress to university on a health and social care-related programme such as Social Care, Nursing, Social Work or Early Childhood Studies.


The course will give you an understanding of health and social care in the wider contexts of different environments and settings where care takes place, the importance of effective communication in health and social care, the importance of legislation in health and social care and how to deliver a person-centred approach care. You will also develop transferable skills such as communication, research, planning and organisation.


Taking the Extended Certificate alongside other vocational or academic qualifications would allow learners to study health and social care, or another related sector, in higher education or further study. Many students progress to university degrees and onto apprenticeships in varied fields such as NHS careers and in education.

How is the course assessed?

The Health and Social Care grade is based on 60% exam and 40% coursework.


Learners will take six units made up of mandatory and optional units. Everybody will study the following mandatory units:

  1. Building positive relationships in health and social care (Coursework)
  2. Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care (Exam)
  3. Health, safety and security in health and social care (Exam)
  4. Anatomy and physiology for health and social care (Exam)


Current additional units:

10.   Nutritional for Health (Coursework)

13.   Sexual health, reproduction and child development (Coursework)


Units 1-3 are undertaken in the first year of study, with units 4, 10 & 13 completed in the second year.


Exams are taken in January with an option to resit units in the summer if students wish to improve their grade.


  • 2 x Lever arch folders, dividers and plastic wallets
  • A4 note book/paper, highlighters
  • Whiteboard and pen
  • Course textbook - Cambridge Technical Level 3 Health and Social Care Paperback – 30 Sept. 2016 by Maria Ferreiro Peteiro (Author), Judith Adams (Author), Mary Riley (Author).
  • Revision guide - My Revision Notes: Cambridge Technical Level 3 Health and Social Care Paperback – 31 Aug. 2018 by Judith Adams (Author).

Homework and learning outside the classroom

Students are expected to complete forty-five minutes to an hour of independent learning for each timetabled HSC lesson.

KS4 Health and Social Care

KS5 Health and Social Care

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