CTEC Business (Extended Certificate)

Introduction – why choose this subject?

On this course you will study a variety of different topics to give you a real overview of the way businesses operate. It is an excellent course for students who are interested in business, the way businesses operate and want to avoid having the pressure of significant examinations at the end of the course. It will give you an excellent understanding of a range of different areas of business, giving you an excellent basis for further study.


The coursework units build on core knowledge and allow you to be able to develop understanding in a number of areas such as marketing, communicating with customers and human resources. Support from teaching staff will ensure that students are able to achieve their potential in coursework units.


You will develop a range of skills that will serve you well at in further study at university and in the workplace, such as time management, independent working and research skills.


Students who have studied Cambridge Technical Business at Allerton High have gone onto be successful at university studying in the following areas:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Counselling Psychology
  • History and International Relations
  • Interior Design
  • Sports Business Management

A number of students have also taken up full-time employment and apprenticeship options in business, successfully building on the skills they have developed on this course.

How is the course assessed?

Business CTEC is 50% exam based and 50% coursework.


Unit 1: The Business Environment – Written examination 2hrs

Unit 2: Working in Business – Written examination 90 mins

Unit 4: Customers and Communication – Coursework unit

Unit 5: Marketing and Market Research – Coursework unit

Unit 8: Introduction to Human Resources – Coursework unit


You will complete Unit 1 and Unit 4 in the first year of study and Unit 2, Unit 5 and Unit 8 in the second year of study.


Revision Guide - Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Business ISBN: 978-1471874796

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Homework and learning outside the classroom

Homework will be exam questions whilst studying exam units and completion of coursework tasks for relevant units.

Students have the opportunity to create a business via the LEAP programme

KS4 Business

KS5 Business

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