A Level Sociology

Introduction – why choose this subject?

Sociology is the study of society - how people interact in groups. A level Sociology examines social behaviour from a variety of perspectives: how it originates and then develops, and the ways people are organised into groups according to distinctions such as class, gender and race. A level Sociology also looks at the institutions and forces which shape and are shaped by groups within a society, such as the media, the economy, the criminal justice system and education.


A level Sociology focuses on contemporary society, providing an awareness of the importance of social structure and actions in explaining social forces and issues. Some questions A level Sociology covers include:

Why do boys underachieve in the education system?

Why are black people five time more likely to be stopped and searched?

Why are women more religious when religion oppresses them?


A level Sociology helps you to develop knowledge and understanding of the essential sociological theories and methods (such as Functionalism, Marxism, Interactionism and Feminism) with which sociologists make sense of the diversity of societies, and of the forces which have and will continue to shape social change.


Sociology will help you to think about society in a new and critical light, questioning the status quo and developing a sophisticated understanding of the real issues that affect the society we live in. It is an excellent subject for showing you how society works and for making you aware of the range of conditions that individuals within society experience. Students often comment that they didn't realise how varied the human experience can be and how powerfully group identity shapes a person's future.


The skills of analysis, critical thinking and extended writing are developed through this course. These skills are highly valued by universities and employers.

How is the course assessed?

Sociology is 100% exam based


Year 1 Topics

  • Education (including Education and methods)
  • Optional Topic (currently Families and Households)
  • Research Methods


Year 2 Topics

  • Crime and Deviance
  • Optional Topic (currently The Media)
  • Theory and Methods



Paper 1: Education plus Education and methods.

Paper 2: Optional Topics (currently Families and Households, The Media)

Paper 3: Crime and Deviance plus Theory and Methods


All papers are two hours long and carry 80 marks


  • Students may wish to purchase revision resources such as: A Level Sociology revision (published by CGP)
  • Students will need 3 ring binders

Homework and learning outside the classroom

  • Students can take part in The Ethics Club
  • Regular and varied homework tasks are set. These include (but) are not limited to): Essays and shorter exam style questions, pre-reading, note taking, research tasks, preparation for assessments.

KS4 Sociology

KS5 Sociology

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