A Level Law

Introduction – why choose this subject?

Have you ever wondered why and how are laws made? How do judges make decisions? How do people become solicitors or barristers? If so, A-Level Law may be for you. Law is a fascinating subject, giving you not only an understanding of the role of Law in today's society but knowledge of your individual rights and responsibilities.


If you are interested in a becoming a solicitor, barrister or legal executive, starting a legal apprenticeship, embarking on a career in business, politics or government, studying Law, Business or Economics at university, or debating controversial issues, then A Level Law is a good place to start.


The aims of A Level Law course are for you to:

  • Develop an understanding of law and how it works
  • Learn more about society from a legal perspective – both contemporary and historical
  • Learn about the interaction between law and morals, justice and society
  • Learn about different areas of law such as criminal and contract law
  • Make connections with business, economics, history, politics and technology
  • Develop academic skills, including analysis and evaluation
  • Be able to make an informed decision about future careers

How is this course assessed?

A Level Law is 100% exam based, with three written exam papers, each 2 hours long and each worth 33% of the marks. The units are:


  • Paper 1
    • English Legal System: Students will focus on the civil and criminal courts, the legal professions, sentencing, access to justice, and the processes and people involved in the law.
    • Criminal Law: Students will develop an understanding of criminal liability through the study of offences against the person and offences against property and the skills needed to apply their legal knowledge to scenario-based situations.
  • Paper 2
    • Law-Making: Students will study law making methods and their underpinning concepts and develop an understanding of legal method and reasoning as used by lawyers and the judiciary.
    • Law of Tort: Students will gain knowledge on the rules of tort, liability in negligence, occupiers’ liability and remedies and the skills needed to apply their legal knowledge to scenario-based situations.
  • Paper 3
    • Nature of Law: Students will explore the nature of law in a wider context and develop their understanding of how the law interacts with morality, justice, and society.
    • Contract Law: Students will develop knowledge on the central elements of contract law from the formation of contracts to their enforcement and the skills needed to apply their legal knowledge to scenario-based situations.

Within these units, you will:

  • Develop competence in using legal skills
  • Demonstrate your ability to analyse a scenario by identifying the key facts from which legal issues arise
  • Analyse, when formulating a legal argument, legislation by applying rules and principles
  • Construct clear, concise and logical legal arguments which are substantiated by legal authority, using appropriate legal terminology
  • Construct a persuasive argument including in instances where there are no clear legal precedents or when there are conflicting precedents
  • Analyse and critically evaluate legal issues by identifying different perspectives, supporting your identification of the strongest viewpoint and countering alternative viewpoints


  • Folder and dividers
  • Reading booklets and work booklets (school will provide)
  • Writing pen & highlighter
  • Lined writing paper
  • Plastic wallets

Homework and learning outside of the classroom

Studying Law has real-life relevance. Therefore, we are pleased to offer students the following opportunities;

  • Bar Mock Trial,
  • Talks current legal professionals
  • Trip to the Leeds Courts

Homework will include tasks such as: pre-reading, completion of work booklet tasks, cases and laws research, consolidating knowledge of key concepts, and practice for examinations.

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