A Level English Language

Introduction - why choose this subject? 

A Level English Language is widely regarded as an excellent means of developing written and spoken communication skills. With an emphasis on close textual analysis and the production of original writing, the qualification provides evidence that you can read critically, write effectively and respond to the rich variety of the English Language. English has become firmly embedded as the lingua franca of the modern world, A Level English Language gives you the key to unlock and utilise its potential. Students who do well in this subject can progress to careers in journalism, publishing, law, media advertising and education.

How is the course assessed?

80% of this course is exam based and 20% is coursework.


Paper 1:

  • Language and the Individual
    • Study a range of texts from Shakespeare to a twitter feed!
  • Methods of Language Analysis
    • Learn how to analyse any text using a set of linguistic tools.
  • Children’s Language Development
    • How children acquire language- both speech and writing.

100 marks, 40% of A Level.


Paper 2:

  • Language Diversity and Change
    • How the English Language changes according to time, place, mode, purpose and audience and how it continues to develop in the present day.
  • Language Diversity
    • Learn about dialects, sociolects, language and gender, language and occupational groups, technology.
  • Writing Skills.
    • How to write about language in both an academic form and for a “lay” audience.

100 marks, 40% of A Level.


Non-exam component: Language in Action

Writing Skills

  • How to present the investigation material for specific audiences, purposes and genres.
  • Original Writing- writing to persuade, tell a story or inform a specified audience.


Folder and dividers


Pens and highlighters

Pearson Longman English Language AS & A2 Revision Express (recommended but not essential)

Homework and learning outside of the classroom:

Students will be set two pieces of homework per week, which could be anything from pre-reading tasks to essay preparation and completion. Students will also be expected to read widely around the topics as directed by staff. Tasks and lesson materials are uploaded to Google Classroom at regular intervals so that any students who miss lessons can complete the learning independently. Staff are contactable by email for specific queries.


Extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities

  • Bar Mock Trial

  • English Drop in (one compulsory and one voluntary dependent on students’ progress)

  • Trips and visits

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