Every student is expected to provide the following basic items of equipment for use in lessons:

  • Black or blue ball point pen (and a spare)
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Coloured pencils/Fine fibre tips
  • Ruler 30cm
  • Pair of compasses
  • Protractor
  • Calculator
  • Set Square
  • Rough notebook/Jotter
  • Apron for Technology

Text books, organisers and specialised equipment will be issued on loan and students will be required to pay for any loss or damage to school property, including furniture and fabrics.

Classroom Rules

  • Do as you are told by staff – the first time, every time
  • Arrive on time
  • Line up outside the classroom or follow instructions for entering the classroom
  • Make a quiet entry into the classroom
  • Sit in the seating plan organised by the teacher
  • Have Personal Organisers and relevant equipment for the lesson on your desk
  • Do your work well without distracting others
  • If you put your hand up wait for permission to speak
  • Listen carefully when the teacher or other students are talking
  • If you need to leave the lesson to go to the toilet ask permission from your teacher
  • Pack up and leave the classroom in an orderly manner when you are told to
  • Be polite and respect the feelings of others at all times
  • Follow the Acceptable User Policy for all ICT equipment (this can be found on our policies page)

Rules for Around School

  • Do as you are told by all staff – the first time, every time
  • Remove outdoor clothing on entry to the building
  • Be on time for lessons
  • Arrive in school with the correct uniform at all times, as described in the Personal Organisor
  • Eat and drink in the right place, at the right time. No chewing gum allowed
  • Put all litter in the bins provided
  • Look after your property
  • Smoking on school premises is forbidden
  • Do not leave the school premises during the school day (without permission.)
  • No graffiti on books (including Personal Organisor), furniture or walls
  • Do not run in the school building
  • There must be no buying or selling of any items on school premises
  • Students can only stay in school after the end of the school day if they are in an area or activity supervised by staff
  • Students should not take pictures/video in the school or inside the school grounds.

Prohibited items

These items are not allowed in school: alcohol, illegal substances, legal highs, laser pens, cigarettes, e-cigarettes / vapes, lighters, matches, fireworks, knives or blades, nail polish, chewing gum, skateboards or roller skates. Any other items may be prohibited at the discretion of staff if they pose a risk to health and safety of staff or students, or if they disturb the smooth running of the school.

Student's are not allowed to use mobile phones or other electronic devices. If mobile phones are brought into school they must be switched off and kept in the Student's locker or bag. Please see mobile phone policy below.   

The school has no insurance for personal items. If students bring personal items into school they do so at their own risk and cannot expect valuable staff time to be taken up looking for them if they go missing and/or are damaged.

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